What Is Counselling...

Counselling is a talking therapy providing a safe and supportive space, free from judgement. It provides the opportunity to explore thoughts and feelings and to make better sense of choices or challenges a you may be facing. Counselling is not an advice service, but it is a process undertaken collaboratively by a client and a trained professional.
Often clients who seek therapy do so to process past events which may have caused them emotional distress or be affecting them in the present. They are offered the opportunity to work at their own pace, to make sense of their experience in a safe, contained environment.
When you enter counselling, we will agree a contract. This will be what you would like to work on in our sessions. It could be something measurable you would like to achieve, such as being able to overcome panic attacks, or it could be exploratory, for example you may feel unhappy, but not know why.
One of the greatest benefits of counselling is an increased level of self-awareness. This can help a client towards healthier personal relationships, challenging unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs about themselves and the world around them. Ultimately counselling is a place to be truly heard and valued for who you truly are.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." C Jung